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Hydrogel Face, Lips and Eye Mask: New products which is very famous in US and Russia. Soft Hydro gel mask with collagen. Sparkles with actual ruby powder. Deeply Hydrates, leaves skin supple & hydrated.

Regenerated Peel Off Mask: The visible change, the delicate touch. Strong absorption, purification of pores, high nutrition, refresh skin, fast absorption of black heads & skin detox.

Bomb Face Mask: Blow out all the dirt in the skin. Be a pure oxygen beauty. Benefits include moisturizing, tightening & brightening.

Cucumber Slice Mask Sheet: Delivers high levels of Vitamin C and helps to maintain moisture.

All-purpose Honey Mask: High concentrated honey nourishing factors and all purpose caring. Distinct from other masks’ single function. It can solve multiple problems of the skin.

Oxygen Bubble Deep Cleansing: Self-foaming, easily remove eye shadow, eyeliner & blush. Amino acid formula, gentle cleansing and zero stimulation.

Glitter gel: Is a great way to add some sparkle and highlights to your face paint design. This regal red glitter gel can be easily applied directly onto the face or body. Perfect for any occassion.

Foot Mask & Hand Mask: Kill the bacteria, instantly repairs to be a baby hand & foot. Whitening, brightening & moisturizing.



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